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Here is your chance to add more sexual thrill, pleasure and stamina to your sex life with the natural sexual potency power of a 100 raw oysters. The one-of-a-kind oyster male enhancement patch is packed with enough sexual performance boosting power to fuel any man at any age. The oyster patch contains 100X the potency power of one single oyster.

The World’s Most Powerful Aphrodisiac

Western Australian oyster divers, known as “oyster men” experience a problem most men would welcome, they have too many women!!! They attract women like magnets eager to experience the sexual prowess they’re known for due to the amount of oysters they eat.

It seems the age-old myth about the aphrodisiac powers of oysters is no myth at all. An Australian university recently completed a study measuring the sexual potency of Australian oyster divers whose diet is high in oysters. Their potency and stamina was so over the top that it led to the creation of the oyster patch for men who would like to experience increased sexual power.

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